The Paris Civil Court refuses the protection of a Jimi Hendrix’s photo by copyright

In a decision dated May 21, 2015, the Paris Civil Court refused to admit the existence of a forgery of Jimi Hendrix’s photo on the grounds that the originality of the work had not been proved.

In this case, an electronic cigarette sales company had reproduced a Jimi Hendrix’s photo ...Lire la suite

February 20th 2015 Act: orphan works digitization

In order for a work protected by copyright to be digitally published on the Internet by a library or archives, it is imperative that the right holders give their prior consent.

However, regarding orphan works, it is considered that the right holders have not been identified despite ...Lire la suite

February 20th 2015 Act: Extension of the term of protection for phonogram rights

The act dated February 20th 2015 implemented Directive 2001/77/EU dated September 27th 2015 on the term of protection of copyright and certain related ...Lire la suite

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